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    Digital Doodles 2013-2015

    A selection of digital doodles made on Ipad with layering techniques.

    Andromeda Exhibition

    Andromeda project: preview Exhibition 2006 at Telemark University College (23.10-03.11).15 artworks. Some works inspired and based upon the ancient greek Andromeda mythology. A scenario that has been illustrated by different artists for over 2500 years! Digital based works by P.O.Juusola Giclee prints approx. 50*70cm and 50*50cm

    A selection of new and contemporary works

    A selection of digital artworks. A combination of photography, 3D work, digital processing and digital manipulation are used in these works.

    Beautiful Telemark

    HDR-images of landscapes and views from Telemark, Norway.

    Tactile paintings

    This gallery show some of my recent works; traditional painting. Some are more finished than others. Mostly abstract paintings. Acrylics on canvas.

    A selction of oil paintings-1989-1994

    Some of my early work in oil. A lot of works from this period is not documented. Many pictures sold and no photograpy! I hate that now, but so it is! This is from some time before digital cameras!

    Some works in watercolour -1989-1994

    Some of my left overs. I sold a lot of watercolourpictures in the late 80-s and the beginning of the 90-s. I didn\'t care to take pictures for documentation, although I have som here anyhow:

    Older digital works - 1993-2006

    This gallery show a variety of my digital artworks from 1989 to 2006.

    Doodles 2001-2007

    Doodles made by P.O.Juusola


    Some wallpapers I use according to mood and time of year.